General Conditions of Use of the Website


Saleri Valentina FZE


General Conditions for Use of the Website

  1. Scope of Application
    • These General Conditions for the Use of the Website (hereinafter, the “Conditions“) are intended to govern the use of the Website (hereinafter, the “Website“) managed by Saleri Valentina FZE, by the user, whether as registered user or simple visitor (hereinafter, the “User“).
    • The purposes of the Website are the provision of information and the conduct of electronic commerce. By accessing the Website and using the services available on the Website, the User accepts these Conditions and undertakes to comply with them. If the User does not wish to accept these Conditions, he or she is asked to avoid using the Website.
  2. Ownership of the Website
    • The Website is owned and managed by Saleri Valentina FZE, a company duly incorporated under the laws of the United Arab Emirates and of the Dubai World Trade Centre Authority, having its registered seat at FD 92 SRT, Sheik Rashid Tower, 19th floor, Dubai World Trade Centre.
  3. Access to, registration with, and use of the Website
    • The User will be able to visit and sign up on the Website free of charge without prejudice to the fact that they will bear the cost of connection to the Internet used to access the Website, according to the charges, terms and conditions applied by their own operator.
    • Signing up on the Website will lead to the creation of a personal account, including username and password, in compliance with the criteria for the creation of the password indicated from time to time on the Website.
    • The credentials for accessing the Website will be personal and non-transferrable and may not be shared with third parties.
    • The User guarantees that the personal information provided when registering with the Website are complete and truthful.
    • The User will be responsible for all activities completed through their individual account. To such end, the User undertakes to adopt the appropriate precautions to ensure that his or her password remains secure and secret, undertaking to inform the Company immediately if there are reasons to believe that a third party knows his or her password, when such password has been, or is presumed to be or about to be, used in an unauthorised manner or when it has been lost or stolen.
    • The User may not use their own account or the Website:
      • in such a way as to cause, or be capable of causing, interruptions in, damage to or the malfunctioning of, the same and the related functionality; and
      • for fraudulent purposes or in any case, to carry out unlawful actions.
    • In any case, the User is prohibited from interfering with the functioning of the Website and, in particular, undertakes not to evade its security measures, tamper with it and in any case, not to prejudice the operation of the Website or of any computing system, servers, routers or any other IT device.
    • The functionality of buying goods as a guest is also available on the Website. Under this type of purchase, only such data which are essential to process the order will be requested from User.
    • The electronic commerce services offered on the Website are governed by the General Conditions of Sale.
  4. Industrial and Intellectual Property Rights
    • The Company (or its successors in title) is the owner and/or legitimate licensee of all industrial and intellectual property rights relating to the Website, all the contents and materials published on it (including, without limitation, texts, catalogues, photographs, illustrations, images, technical drawings, video, audio, advertising texts, trademarks, domain names, drawings, designs including where not covered by patents and all other content and materials, hereinafter, the “Material“).
    • The User will be authorised to download, view or print contents from the Website for exclusively personal and non-commercial purposes, in such a way as not to cause any prejudice to industrial and intellectual rights of the Company or possible third parties. In no circumstances may the contents of the Website be used for other purposes including, without limitation, their distribution, modification, reproduction, transmission or dissemination, without the prior written consent of the Company. If the User uses the Website and/or the Material in breach of these Conditions, he or she may be invited by the Company to cease using the Website and to return or destroy the Material without prejudice to the Company’s right to take any other initiative for the protection of its damaged rights and to obtain compensation for any loss and damage suffered.
  5. Guarantee
    • The Company doesn’t guarantee the absence of viruses, malware or other elements making the Website and/or its contents dangerous. The User will be responsible for the implementation of procedures and checks capable of meeting security requirements and ensuring the reliability of incoming and outgoing data such as, for instance, the installation of an anti-virus application.
    • Without prejudice to the provisions of the General Conditions of Sale, it is hereby understood that some products may be presented next to pictures or graphical reproductions whose purpose is merely illustrative.
    • The Company makes reasonable efforts to ensure that the Website is complete, accurate, and up-to-date. The Company does not, however, make any representations, warranties or guarantees (whether express or implied) that the Website is complete, accurate, or up-to-date.
  6. Limitations on Liability
    • The User will access and use the Website autonomously and at their sole risk. The Company hereby declines any liability with respect to any damage or prejudice suffered in any way by the User as a consequence of access and use of the Website and/or the download of any Material present on the same on any basis.
    • The Company will not accept any liability for any loss or damage deriving from the fact that the User has not stored his or her password securely or has not communicated the unauthorised use, loss or theft of such password to the Company pursuant to Article 3.4. above.
    • The Company reserves the right to suspend, eliminate, interrupt or modify the Website in whole or in part without advance notice. The Company will not be liable as against the User if the Website is not available for any reason or for any modification, suspension or final interruption of the same.
  7. Connections to third-party websites
    • The Website may contain hyperlink connections to websites managed by third parties. The Company will not be liable for the contents of third-party websites made accessible through the Website. The inclusion by the Company of hyperlinks to such websites will not imply any acceptance by the Company of the materials published on the same or any other relationship between the Company and the managers of such websites.
  8. Indemnity
    • The User accepts that he or she will hold the Company indemnified and harmless against any liability, damages or costs (including, without limitation, legal costs) incurred by the Company because of the following: (i) breach of these Conditions by the User, (ii) claims by third parties based on the use of the Website and/or the Material by the User, or (iii) information or materials sent, transmitted or loaded by the User through the Website or the account..
  9. Applicable Law and Competent Court
    • These Conditions shall be governed by laws of the United Arab Emirates and those of the Emirate of Dubai, where applicable and any dispute relating to the Website shall be deferred to the exclusive competence of the Court where the User has their residence or domicile, provided that such residence or domicile is located within the Italian territory.